Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda are one of the most interesting, exciting and memorable activity one would love to participate in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Murchison Falls National Park this is only Parks you can experience such activity. It’s also the only way to sight the animals at the Park in the aerial view and its incredible landscape. The maximum capacity is 8 passengers are permitted to fly up in the balloon. Excluded are the little children of the age of 6 and below because the Hot Air Balloon goes as high as 10000 ft, above sea level which might leave them uneasy.


If one is to opt for an Uganda tour, then a Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda is one of the things you should not miss out on in Murchison Falls National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, such this Park is said to be the largest protected area that has so much to see when it comes to nature and all that which is around it, that’s to say all kinds of wildlife can be seen in this area not forgetting the famous River Nile (Murchison Falls National Park) and Kazinga Channel in (Queen Elizabeth National Park)

Murchison Falls National Park introduces hot air balloon safari which is very unique experience activities in the Wildlife side of the park. While here, you will be able to watch them do last-minute preparations like pumping air into the balloon before you could soar high during the morning sunrise then given a brief on the safety precautions, rules, and regulations as you get ready to hop aboard the balloon. When up there, you will be able to have a great view of the Savannah below you teaming with all kinds of wildlife. Most of this happens above the treetops to make it much easy for you to see the majority of the wildlife.

After you are through with your hot air balloon tour, you are handed certificates that show your participation in the above activity and then later, you finish off with a special bush breakfast and a bottle of Champagne all organized. There is also a sunset balloon flight that starts exactly at 4 pm, however; this one does not come with any special offers like the bush meals after the ride.

Hot Air Balloon Safaris in Uganda are the kind of activities perfect for those on honeymoon, the adrenaline junkies and those seeking a once in a lifetime adventure. The scenes up there are spectacular and the air fresh and soothing. This for you will be an experience made of thousands of memories you will reminisce every time you think about your Safari in Uganda, it comes along with these features; the general scenic view of the Murchison Falls Park, the Off-road animals hidden somewhere, the Lake Albert and Victoria Nile views, the bush breakfast experience in the wild, the pickups from the different destinations, the participation certificates, crossings by ferry and the ride on the hot air balloon that lasts an hour among many others.

Experiencing Queen Elizabeth National Park in the wild of adventure, you wake up right on time to get the dawn, as you noiselessly fly over the fields of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Respect the groups of cape buffaloes, elephants and appreciate the quiet quietness of the African shrub.

You now have the chance to include an energizing hot air balloon ride to your safari. You will take off right on time at first light for a flight that goes on for around 60 minutes. Ascend as the sun rises and buoy toward whatever path the winds of the morning takes you. Fly high over the trees and slopes to appreciate the best of Uganda, with numerous incredible photograph chances of the landscape and natural life underneath.

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