On October 28th, 2019 Uganda Wildlife Authority with support from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in the United States, Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC) and Makerere University oversaw translocation of 5 Rothschild giraffes from Murchison Falls National Park to Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority intends to relocate 5 male and 10 female giraffes over a period of three weeks – to make a total of 15 giraffes in Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve.

The Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is the largest Wildlife Reserve in Uganda. It covers an area approximately 2043 square kilometres in the Karamoja region of northeastern Uganda.

The Southern part of the Reserve was gazette in 1958 and named the Debasien Animal Sanctuary. Later in 1964, the reserve was expanded northward as per the Statutory Instrument No. 220 of 1964 and then amended in 1965 as per Statutory Instrument No. 136 as the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve.

Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve is dominated by thatching grass, lemongrass and beard grasses. It is a home for the rare Roan Antelopes and cheetahs, zebras, cape buffalos, Uganda Kob, Waterbucks, Hartebeests and the common Eland.

Over time, Uganda Wildlife has been translocating wildlife to Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve to ensure the survival of species especially endangered ones, contribute to economic development by boosting the tourism industry specifically in this region and long-term development. In 2018, UWA translocated 93 Impalas to this reserve.

The UWA strategic mission is to promote the conservation of wildlife and this translocation exercise is a strong stride towards ensuring continuity of all wildlife through restoring and managing viable populations of extinct or endangered species, a category of which the Rothschild giraffe belongs.

The Rothschild giraffe was added to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) ‘Red List’ of species under dire threat of extinction. IUCN Giraffe conservation status. Uganda is home for 60% of the remaining Rothschild giraffes in the world.

The translocation exercise of the first batch of the Rothschild giraffes was presided over by Dr Panta Kasoma representing UWA chairman, UWA management, Mr Leonard Wamakote – a member of the UWA Board of trustees and respective leaders of the districts that surround the reserve.

This exercise is also in line with UWA’s objectives to promote understanding, sustainable use of wildlife and natural resources through raising awareness about the environment among the people of Uganda and peaceful coexistence of man and wildlife.

There have been quite a number of translocations of Rothchild giraffes since 2015. They have been quite a boost to a healthy population of the species and enhanced biodiversity and ecosystem balance.

In 2015, 15 giraffes were re-introduced in lake Mburo national park, 14 giraffes translocated from Murchison Falls national park to Kidepo National Park and 36 shifted from the Northern side of Murchison to the Southern region in 2017.

It is from the positive results from these previous translocations that still influence more efforts to enforce conservation of the Rothschild giraffes.

From us at Exclusive African Safaris, we are delighted about the great conservation work. We highly applaud the Uganda Wildlife Authority and all the involved partners for the work done.

Very soon, our visitors will be able to see giraffes in the other parts of Uganda (besides Murchison and Kidepo) where they weren’t before. Of course, this is good for the economy and the direct livelihoods of the local communities near these places such as Pian Upe.

To end this, we would like to point you to our article about the Rothschild giraffe. All the facts and ways of life will make you appreciate the conservation of the tallest land animals. Rothschild giraffe facts. Interesting facts about the tallest mammal on earth.

We like for you to come and experience Uganda’s wildlife with us. Explore gorillas, game parks, waterfalls and lakes with the Uganda Safari experts, and in doing that you will contribute towards conservation and community development in a big way. And of course, you will have a great time experiencing nature and the Pearl of Africa. Just go to our Uganda Safari packages page for the inspiration and insight of what you can see and enjoy in Uganda.

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