Even though the cuisines of the landlocked country of Rwanda are not widely renowned. The rich and delicious dishes of this nation pack a significant culinary punch! The fertile mountainous vegetation of Rwanda lends to large-scale agriculture. And, this is reflected in the dining special of the day across Rwanda.

The Foods of Rwanda tend to fly under a lot of people’s radars. But, to make your mouth water, the following are the top 5 Rwandan cuisines that you should try on your Tour of Rwanda.


At first glance, this cuisine looks like a spinach dish. But, it’s made from cassava leaves – which lends to its aromatic brilliance! Several combinations of veggies can be added to the mix, like eggplants, tomatoes, onions, and capsicums.

The final draw is a sprinkle of oil or butter to bring out the classic flavours. It may seem like an unusual combination. However, this classic dish is popular across Rwanda.


This Rwandan cuisine is made from organically grown peanuts. Then, they’re softened in hot water and ground with oil. The result is a smooth paste that’s used to create a sauce or soup.

Even after eating this dish – the aroma of its flavours will be left in your mind for days!

Some variations are there for this dish. A delicious one is made from eggplant and bay leaves. It’s served with matoke – this soaks the rich flavours of the soup creating a wonderful culinary experience.


Even though seafood is not widely spread over Rwanda, seafood enthusiasts can visit the restaurants in Kigali or around Lake Kivu. Sambaza is a unique combination of both sweet and salty flavours – plus a crunchy texture.

The waterfront and lakeside accommodations around Lake Kivu serve this delicious Rwandan cuisine.


This Rwandan delicacy is typically made from beef or goat but can be substituted with veggies as well. This is a stew dish that has a combination of starchy flavours of bananas or other plantains.

To give this dish a flavour kick you can sprinkle some ground peanuts before serving.


If you have a sweet tooth, then this cuisine has plenty to offer! This sweet treat is made from slices of deep-fried plantain. They get caramelized when fried and transform into a golden brown colour.

To bring out more of its sweet goodness – you can sprinkle a bit of honey or sugar. This dessert is best enjoyed warm and combines wonderfully with an evening snack or a cup of coffee.

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