Are you planning on undertaking a memorable safari to Kidepo Valley National Park and looking for some of the incredible activities to enjoy during your stay? Tucked to the north-eastern corner of Uganda, the remote and incredibly beautiful 1442-square kilometer Kidepo valley National Park is undeniably the country’s crown jewel in the wild and literally deserted region. Popular for housing some of the country’s rarest wildlife species (which you won’t find in the popular places like Murchison falls national park and Queen Elizabeth National Park), this remote and secluded as well as challenging-to-reach gem has more to offer visitors than its exceptional wildlife species.


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The landscape of Kidepo valley National Park brings out the real “African Wilderness Experience” and travelers who make an effort to reach it attest to its goodness and second to none experiences. Are you a birder, wildlife fanatic, an enthusiastic Xenophile, Adventure seeker or Nature lover? This Park is perfect for you. Are you wondering what things you can do in this wildlife haven? Leave worrying to us as we bring you the top 5 must do activities in Kidepo Valley National Park and they include;

Endless game drives.

Real wildlife enthusiasts should head to Kidepo Valley National Park, you will have countless opportunities of driving and exploring this stunning wilderness area. As you drive through this Park, expect to come across the elegant Burchell’s zebras, cheetahs (it’s the only park where these big cats are found), lions, elephants, leopards, Defassa waterbucks, bushbucks, Cape buffaloes, giant elands, Uganda Kobs, impalas, spotted and stripped hyenas, Rothschild giraffes, Topis, warthogs, to mention but a few.

Meet the native Karamojong culture.
Visit the nearby Karamojong community to learn about their history and cultures through their invigorating traditional dances, unique dressing, outstanding artifacts and symbols, delicious foods and so much more.

Try out birding at Apoka area, Narus and Namamkwenyi Valleys.

Kidepo valley National Park shelters over 475 bird species hence making it one of the top Birding Areas in the country. The perfect locations for sighting lots of birds are areas around Apoka Rest Camp, the Southern Narus and Namamkwenyi Valleys which allow birders to sight colorful species like the Karamoja Apalis, superb starlings, the common ostrich, white-faced scoops owl, Kori bustards, secretary birds, Black-breasted barbets, White-bellied go-away bird, yellow-billed shrikes, Scarlet-chested sunbirds, Nubian woodpecker, African Moustached warblers, Ruppell’s starlings, Clapperton’s francolin, Black Coucal, Mosque swallow, Broad-tailed francolins and Little weavers among others.

Take a guided bush walk and mountain hikes.

There is no better way to discover the spectacular Kidepo Valley National Park than signing up for the guided bush walks. Undertaken through areas around Namamkwenyi, Morungole mountain ranges, Narus Valley, these places provide traveler with unforgettable wilderness experiences while coming across lots of wildlife. Visitors depart from Apoka (the Park Headquarters) with an armed park Ranger and begin walking through the secluded bushes while sighting different animals and birds by their sounds and other clues (like footprints and droppings).

Go on a photography tour

No visit to Kidepo Valley National Park is complete without capturing the photogenic images of its sweeping savannah plains dotted with acacia vegetation, beautiful Valleys, seasonal and permanent Rivers, as well as roaming animals. The ideal picture locations in this Park are the stunning Narus Valley thronged by lots of wildlife species. It will interest you to know that Kidepo Valley offers one of the most outstanding landscapes in the African Continent.

For a complete wilderness experience in Ugandasafaris to Kidepo Valley National Park are usually combined with Rhino tracking in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to achieve the dream of seeing big five game, safaris to Murchison falls National Park with chances of enjoying boat cruises to the bottom of incredibly beautiful Murchison falls, game drives, chimpanzee tracking within Budongo forest and enjoying guided bush walks. Travelers can also spice up their experience with a visit to Mount Elgon National Park for mountain climbing or hikes through the Sipi falls area.

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