Uganda foods worth trying

‘Ladha’, get ready to say this word on your Uganda Tour. Because with every cuisine you eat in Uganda, your tastebuds will be screaming – delicious! The Pearl of Africa has been correctly named – it resembles a treasure chest. The more you dig into Uganda’s primary offerings – the more impressed you’ll be with the hidden gems of this country.

The delicacies of Uganda are one of the jewels in this chest that’ll enhance your admiration of this wonderful country. While the dishes of Uganda are inspired and influenced by English, Arab, and Asian cuisines, they have their special flavour.

Below are 5 Foods of Uganda you should try on your trip.

Oluwombo – The classic Ugandan experience!

If you want to try an authentic and classic Ugandan dish, then you can’t go wrong in trying Oluwombo! The natives believe that this dish was created by the chefs of King Kabaka Mwangwa in the 19th century. The dish is a stew consisting of fish, chicken, or beef.

Lastly, if you visit Uganda, ensure to try out the above native delicacies. Though the tried-and-tested food is a great fine dining experience, getting to taste the authenticity of culture has another charm to it. So, what’re you waiting around for? Experience the authenticity of Ugandan delicacies by sinking your teeth into the above dishes!

Muchomo – Roasted meat with a Ugandan twist!

This is a delicious cuisine of Uganda that has various types of meat like goat, pork, chicken or beef. It’s barbequed on a stick and served in stalls. For a fine dining experience, you can also try this dish in restaurants. It’s often paired with sweet plantains (natively called gonja).

Matoke – You can’t leave Uganda with tasting this

Mashed-up green bananas – This is Uganda’s answer to mashed potatoes. It’s made from East African bananas and is more of a plantain dish. The local people take the unripe, green bananas and stem them in a steamer. Then, they’re mashed and eaten.

They can also be fried with onions and tomatoes for an evening snack. Or make the fruit into a curry and add spices – for a great dinner dish.

Grasshoppers – Yes! You heard that right – When Ew turns to Wow – Ladha!

They are considered a native delicacy in Uganda. The grasshoppers are prepared by removing their wings and legs. Then, fried with onions, chillies and other homemade spices.


The final product – A crunchy snack that transforms your first impressions from huh to simply wow!

This dish has a delicious taste. Plus, you will be able to say that you got your hands on a Rolex while on a Uganda Trip!

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