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A Few Words on Tipping – A tip or gratuity is a reward or recognition for a service that is seen as something above the norm. A tip is not considered compulsory – but is voluntary by a satisfied client/customer/traveller.

A regular question asked by travellers on Uganda Safaris is whom they should tip and how much to tip. Uganda Safari Tipping is not compulsory but many travellers do leave tips. And this gratuity helps boost the income and wages of people working in the Uganda Tourism industry.

Besides what others may say – Tipping for good service while on safaris will be greatly appreciated!

Should You Tip?

Tipping is not a tradition in Uganda. And thus most service providers don’t expect a tip for offering their service. If you’re visiting Uganda for a safari, you should remember that there’s nowhere to tip in Uganda that’s mandatory. Tipping is left entirely up to you and how much you’re willing to tip depends on you.

But should you tip while on safaris in Uganda? Yes, it’s encouraged to tip whenever possible. Most employees will earn a small wage that will help sustain their livelihood.

Tipping will go a long way in improving the lives of the tourism industry service providers.

Whom to tip

The following are our recommendations for the service providers you should consider tipping on a safari tour in Uganda:

Destination/Safari Activities Guides – In the places you visit and the activities you take part in, you’ll almost always have a guide alongside you. They will assist you along the way. For example, gorilla and chimpanzee trekking guides, and guides for day tours in the cities and museums.

Waiters and Waitresses – These service providers will be a constant throughout your Uganda Trip. E.g. at hotels, restaurants, and during transit flights.

Safari Drivers – When you take a guided Uganda Trip, your closes companion will be your safari/tour guide. This is the person who will make sure that you have an awesome trip. And share information about the places and local culture.

Security staff – You will find the security staff at your safari accommodations. They are some of the most unmarked people when it comes to tipping. But, they do an important job of securing your safety.

How much to tip

Porters – During your gorilla trekking expedition, porters are available for hire at about $15. They will help you carry your backpacks and other luggage. As well as help you out if you face any challenging circumstances. You can tip the porters at the end of your trekking journey – it’ll be greatly appreciated!

Some Insights – You should consider not tipping company managers and chefs. Because in some establishments, they are not allowed to accept any tips.

But if you have a wonderful experience or a delicious meal, you may extend your appreciation with words. Or go the extra mile and leave them with a thank you or greetings card because little things do go a long way!

Now, this is the age-old and most important question for almost every traveller. You may tip any amount you feel is necessary or favourable or one that you can afford – remember everything, even a small amount will leave the other person with great memories and appreciation.

You can follow the below guide when tipping the personnel mentioned above:

Staff/Personnel Tipping Cost (per traveller)
Destination/Safari Activities Guide $15 – $20
Waiters and Waitresses $5
Safari Drivers $10 – $15
Security staff $5
Porters $5 – $10

Tip According to your convenience and Discretion!

The above tipping costs are an estimate. You shouldn’t feel forced to tip while on your safari. Or you can tip however much you like or can afford. You can tip after the completion of a service or at the end of your safari activity.

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