Uganda’s Best Wildlife Encounters

Uganda’s Best Wildlife Encounters

The best wildlife encounter is what Uganda is well known for. If you are looking for wildlife magic or something that can leave you thrilled, then wildlife safaris in Uganda should be part of your bucket list experiences. Uganda- The Pearl of Africa offers unusual wildlife encounters thanks to its abundant wildlife species, most of which don’t even exist anywhere else on earth.

Is it mammals (the big five game, primates), reptiles, or birds that you are interested in? A Uganda safari is the answer to every nature lover’s travel questions. Over 331 mammal species (including Buffaloes, Lions, African elephants, Rhinos, and Leopards), primates such as endangered mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and golden monkeys, and about 1080 species of birds, plus countless reptiles and other wildlife make Uganda a favourite destination for wildlife encounters in Africa.

Best places to visit for wildlife encounters in Uganda

The majority of wildlife in Uganda thrives in the National Parks, Wildlife Reserves, and Sanctuaries. This presents Uganda safari travellers with plenty of opportunities to experience the best wildlife encounters in Africa. For all unforgettable wildlife encounters in Uganda, here are some of the must-visit spots;

Kidepo Valley National Park

Remotely lying in the extreme North-eastern side of Uganda is Kidepo Valley National Park- also famously referred to as the “Masai Mara” of Uganda. Established as a National Park in Uganda in 1962 and covers, Kidepo is home to distinct wildlife including over 75 mammal species, 475 bird species, reptiles, etc.

Wildlife encounters in Kidepo involve spotting special wildlife such as lions, leopards, cape buffaloes, elephants, cheetahs, spotted hyenas, giraffes, zebras, birds like ostriches, and secretary birds, to mention but a few. Kidepo National Park wildlife encounters are possible on guided game drives in its endless savannas along Narus Valley, Kidepo Valley, etc.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s largest Park, covering 3840sq. km and it is the only National Park that is found on the North-western side of the country. From Kampala to Murchison Falls takes about 5-6 hours and game drives, boat cruises, birding, nature walks, etc are among the special activities for tourists on safari in Uganda to experience the best of this park’s wildlife including big game, birds, and more.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Spanning up to 1978sq. km in the Western part of Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park is the favourite spot to see the tree-climbing lions plus a range of other big game, small mammals, over 620 bird species, primates, reptiles, etc. The favourite spots for wildlife encounters in this Park include among others Kasenyi sector/Plains, Ishasha sector, Mweya Peninsular, Kyambura Gorge, and Crater Lake Areas.

Lake Mburo National Park

At, Lake Mburo National Park is one of Uganda’s smallest Parks but rich with wildlife. The Park is just 4 hour drive from Kampala city centre making it the most accessible wildlife safari destination in Uganda.

At Lake Mburo NP, unique experiences/activities such as horseback riding, cycling, guided game drives, boat cruises, nature walks, birding, etc. await you to explore its natural endowment.

For primate lovers, the following Uganda safari destinations should be a must-visit: Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for mountain gorilla trekking and golden monkeys, Kibale National Park, Kyambura Gorge, Kalinzu Forest, and Budongo Forest- for chimpanzee tracking in Uganda. What a great way to start the day in Uganda with wildlife viewing opportunities right informant of you!

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