Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting is one of the most loved sport adventure activities you can do in Uganda. White water rafting happens in Jinja on the several rapids of the river Nile.

River Nile is very popular for white water rafting because of its high volume and high speed waters as they leave Lake Victoria. Rafting is one of the adrenaline pumping activities you can enjoy in Jinja – East Africa’s adventure town. Other activities that are usually combined with rafting include bird watching, boat rides on lake victoria, bungee jumping and horseback riding.

Whether you are an experienced adventure seeker or you want to try your hand at battling it out with the longest river, Jinja has all kinds of rapids for you.

Inexperienced rafters who want an easier challenge can do the grade-3 and grade-4 rapids while the toughest ones of them all go for the grade-5 rapids.

Is it safe?

White water rafting in Jinja is a very safe activity. The teams which run the rafting activity are very experienced in both rafting as well as the Nile. You will, therefore, have a trusted and experienced team to guide you and have fun with you.

Every person is provided with safety gear such as a floating jacket as well as a high-quality helmet. All the equipment used is regularly maintained and kept up to global safety standards.

People with some sicknesses such as high blood pressure might not be allowed to take part in the intense white water rafting.

What to carry

As you go for white water rafting, we advise you to carry sunscreen and a change of clothing. You will finish your raft when you are drenched and the change of clothes will be necessary.

For seasoned adventurers who have their own waterproof GoPro camera, you can carry it and catch all of your action. The safety rafts will be recording your rafting action and you will be able to buy a copy.

Best time

You can do white water rafting on the Nile for much of the year. The only times when no one is allowed to do rafting is during the heavier rainy seasons when the waters from Lake Victoria increase much more than they normally do.


We help you to organize your tour for white water rafting in Jinja. Whether you want to do it for half a day, a full day or even more. Many of our past guests have done the whitewater rafting – and enjoyed it.

Some of our guests add white water rafting a part of a longer tour of Uganda that includes such activities as chimpanzee tracking, gorilla trekking, wildlife viewing, hiking and more. Depending on your own interests, and schedule, we can create a custom itinerary that will match your budget.

This safari package includes other hiking and wildlife activities. We think this tour will give you a very good idea of how you can add white water rafting to your bucket list of things to do in Uganda. Talk to us about creating a custom tour package for your needs.

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