One of the best ways to experience a new place and community is on foot – mixing with everything around you. Hiking gives the best opportunity to best enjoy the various sights and sounds. Whether you are an apt hiker or you rarely go on long walks, hiking is still a very great option to add on your African Safari.

There are many ways to go about a hiking or walking safari. Most people include hiking and walking as an activity for one or two days of their otherwise classic safari program.

Types Hiking Safaris

While all hiking can be defined in the same way, the way some hikes are carried out deserves differentiation. This is because these various types require different things. Here are the types of hiking trips that are possible in Uganda.

  1. Guided City Walking Tours

City walking tours are a great way to see and feel anyplace. It is no different in Uganda’s cities. The favourite cities for this are Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja and Gulu because of their histories. Kampala being the oldest and biggest city has the most attractions.

On a trip like this, our safari guide accompanies you and your group as you walk from one place to the other and learn, see and feel Uganda for yourself.

2. Guiden Village Hiking Tours

Uganda’s countryside is very picturesque and the landscape from each place is different. Guided village hikes take place within the local village communities that you might be already visiting for your Uganda safari.

One of the best places for these kinds of hikes is in Eastern Uganda and western Uganda where the landscape is full of many hills, mountains, and waterfalls among others. As with guided city hikes, our tour guide accompanies you. You might also be joined by a local resident who knows som much about the local history.

These guided hiking tours in villages are often organised by local community groups and funds directed towards community projects.

3. Guided Forest Hikes

Guided Forest Hikes take place in the protected forests. This could be in national parks or forest reserves. You are accompanied by our guide as well as someone from the forest management.

These are great for contributing to the protection and conservation of such important ecosystems.

4. Walking Wildlife viewing

This is essentially hiking in wildlife game parks or reserves. While it can be allowed in all the parks, some strict rules exist for safety. Seeing wildlife up close is a great experience but it is allowed at safe locations and with an armed park ranger to accompany and protect you.

5. Mountain Circuits

Mountain circuits are shorter climbing adventures. These happen on the lower ranges of mountains such as Rwenzori, or Elgon and don’t require a climbing skill.

These mountains are watersheds and hiking through the circuits reveals many special birds, vegetation as well as waterfalls both small and big. Depending on which hike you are choosing, a local resident might join you or our guide could handle everything.

6. Self Guided Hikes

This is when you are not using any tour guide. This can best be done if you have friends in Uganda and then will be your ‘unofficial guide’.

In the event that you don’t have someone who will help you out with a self-organised hike, we advise you to do a lot of research so that you deal with the right people. Another valid option is to use a tour company for the consultation and pay for only that of the services.


1. Comfortable walking shoes

2. Camera

3. Water bottle

4. Wide-brimmed hat

5. Sunscreen

6. Lighter clothing

7. light rain gear

Best hiking places in Uganda

1. Sipi Falls

2. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

3. Fort Portal

4. Lake Mburo

5. Kidepo Valley National

6. Kibale Forest National Park

7. Mabira Forest

8. Kilembe Kasese

9. Kisoro

10. Ssese Islands

11. Nyero

Best hiking places in Rwanda

1. Kigali

2. Bisake

3. Volcanoes National Park

4. Lake Kivu

Plan your hiking adventure

Like any other safari, everyone’s needs are different. But that is a good thing because it allows every person or group to have the kind of trip that suits their interests best.

The biggest advantage with hiking or walking safaris is that these can be planned into your otherwise classic safari itinerary. We have included hiking and walking tours in many types of safaris, especially wildlife and gorilla trekking tours which are very popular with our guests.

Talk to us and we shall figure out how best we can make your trip. All you have to do is tell us about some of your interests, schedule and budget and we’ll craft for you the most suitable safari itinerary. Send us a quick email via our Custom Safari request form.

You can also look at our already made safari itineraries for some inspiration.

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