Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park provides you with Game Safari which you will be able to observe as you trace your way as you drive through the Park. All game viewing circuit in Akagera National Park is restricted to one main road which runs northwards beginning at the headquarters of the park found at Lake Ihema. This road runs close to most of the lakes in the park, or it may be reached by a short junction. North of Lake Hago, the road separates into 2 major branches, one going west to the green Mutumba hills.

On the other hand, the possibility for game drives is restricted because this park may only be reached near to Lake Ihema or at the Akagera Game Lodge. You may drive from the gate at the park entrance up to Mutumba Hills in the distant north and also return in only a half day’s drive.

To continue further north it requires the best time of the day, with an option of using the one way exit route that is north of the stunning Lake Rwanyakizinga taking you to the main tarmac road all the way up to the border with Uganda. On the other hand, the tracks found in the far-way north are pretty vague and necessitate that you are accompanied by a safari guide.

Head back to the main road, and you could leave the safari guide at Kabarondo or Kayonza junctions from there he will return to the park headquarters using a motorbike.


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Best time

Akagera National Park can be visited throughout the year. The Dry season (June to September) is the prime time for viewing wildlife in the park. Mid-December to mid-February, a dry spell in the Wet season, is also a good time.

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