Best Time To Visit Uganda

The Dry Season (from December to February and June to August) is typically considered the Best Time to Visit Uganda. This season is the best for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking expeditions. Game viewing in the national parks of Uganda is at its best at the end of the dry season (February and March and September and October). During this time the animals tend to gather around the watering holes.

“Uganda is located close to the equator. And has a pleasant spring-like climate – At 25 Celsius with cool breezes at nighttime!”

The High Season (The Peak or Dry Season) – The Optimal Time for a Trip to Uganda!

From June to September. Even though it’s the high season it’s rarely crowded. But remember to book your gorilla trekking permits in advance. Because they sell out quickly.

The Low Season (The Wet or Rainy Season) – You can visit Uganda in this season but keep some things in mind…

In March, April, May, October, and November. Keep in mind that the forest trekking trails can get slippery in this season. So, make sure to keep all the essential equipment handy. And wear a good pair of hiking boots/shoes, preferably with traction-proof soles.

Best Weather Conditions – Go for an Uganda Safari in these months!

In June and July, and January and February. There’s almost no rainfall during these months.

Best Weather Conditions – Go for an Uganda Safari in these months!

The following is a comprehensive month-wise breakdown of Safaris in Uganda according to each month of the year:

Travelling to Uganda in January and February – Ideal for trekking!

Monthly Breakdown of visiting Uganda

January is a great month for going on a trek to see the endangered mountain gorillas. The skies are clear and there’s less rainfall.

Experience a connective encounter with Mother Nature and her creatures of the wild!

February is also great for gorilla trekking. Though the northern region of Uganda can be quite dusty and hot during this month.

Visiting Uganda from March to May – Calving Season, Birdwatching, Lush Surroundings, and slashed prices!

March is the beginning of the rain. This month is great for seeing animals give birth – the Calving Season is in full flow. Birdwatching enthusiasts will also be treated – Spot a range of colourful beauties soaring in the sky.

“Fantastic game viewing opportunities = visiting Uganda in August!”

Visiting Uganda from September to December – Rain, Rain, and more rain! Plus birdwatching and scenic surroundings in December.

September, October, and November fall in the wet season. There’s plenty of rain around. However, gorilla trekking can still be taken, provided you have the proper equipment at hand. These are great months if you’re looking for a Budget Uganda Safari.

December marks the end of the rainy season and the rainfall eases down. This is a great time to travel to the northern and southern regions of the country for game viewing.

December is the perfect season to visit Uganda for birdwatching enthusiasts. As several migratory birds make their way into the areas.

Uganda offers great wildlife viewing and safari experiences all year round. So, you can pick which season you’d like to visit Uganda based on your preferences.

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