Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is the smallest National Park in Uganda at 260 square km. It is conveniently located close to the highway that connects Kampala to the other national parks of Southwestern Uganda – between Masaka and Mbarara. Lake Mburo National Park is about 3 – 4 driving hours from Kampala City centre.

Regarded a compact gem, lake Mburo boasts with more than 300 bird species as well as more than 68 mammal species. Among the mammals, there is Zebra, Impala, Eland, Buffalo, Oribi. Defassa Waterbuck, leopard, Hippo, Hyena, Topi, Crocodile and Reedbuck. The bird species from the acacia woodland, swamp/lake, and rainforest vegetation zones are all well represented.

The park has more than 13 lakes that are linked together by swamps. The lakes attract hippos and crocodiles while the fringing swamps hide secretive papyrus specialists such as Sitatunga antelope, and redblack and yellow papyrus gonalek.


Rubanga Forest Walk

This provides a taste of the high tropics. With closed canopy, it is home to a variety of forest bird species and can be explored with a ranger. It offers a conducive habitat for more than 40 bird species, and therefore very attractive for bird watchers.

Guided Nature Trail

This provides the opportunity to admire and be one with the undulating hills and the various animals that call this place home. Nature trails are done at one’s own pace while in the company of an armed guard. You will also watch animals as they visit the salt lick and enjoy the salty soil found there.

Boat Cruise

The boat cruise brings you face to face with the plants and animals of the lake. Along the banks, you will see various crocodiles, hippos, buffalos and many bird species, including the prehistoric-looking shoebill.

Horse Riding

This is conducted by Mihingo Lodge inside the park. You can get to encounter wildlife in a more up close and personal way while riding on a horse. riding quad bikes is conducted by African ATV.

Game Drive

A game drive in Lake Mburo National Park offers encounters with wild animals, landscapes, vegetation zones, and seasonally flooded valley floors.

Sport Fishing

With about six species of fish, those who love fishing can relax as they catch some fish with hooks. The most common fish species is Tilapia. Other species include mudfish and lungfish.

Community Visits

This offers you the opportunity to go beyond Lake Mburo National park by truly understanding the cultural norms and present way of life of the people who stay near the park. The Ankole long-horned cattle and its cultural significance is one cultural highlight you won’t forget.

Bird Watching

With more than 300 bird species, bird watching enthusiasts get so much variety in this compact gem of a national park. there are species from, the acacia woodland, lakeshore, and tropical rain forest climatic zones.

Bicycle Tours

These guided bike rides typically take one hour but one is free to ride as long as they can. Get to ride among the zebras, antelopes, buffaloes as well as to the nearby hills if you are the avid mountain biker.

Best time

June to August and December to February – during the dry season. Great wildlife viewing – animals congregate around the lake. Migratory birds are also present.


There is a variety of options for a stay in Lake Mburo National Park. Whether one wants to stay in a luxury, mid-range or budget accommodation, there are several lodges and camps to fulfil that need.

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