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Transportation from one place to the next is a major part of visiting any Place. In fact, it is the hinge of travelling from one place to the next. The secret to all adventure and exploration.

When you decide to spend some time travelling through Uganda, you will most definitely need a way of getting around. The best way to move around with ease and speed is by using a car.

As the Uganda Safari experts, our range of services includes organising car services. For our Safari clients, this is automatically included as part of the trip.

We know, however, that there is a big number of people who visit Uganda for other reasons besides tourism as well as those who love exploring by themselves. Whatever the reasons, we help all the people to get a vehicle that will help them move from point A to point B – and do what they want to do.

As with all our work, we extend the highest quality of service to help you in hiring a car to move around in Uganda or Rwanda. We take extreme care to ensure that all vehicles are in great mechanical conditions and are suitable for your needs.

Our fleet of vehicles ranges from Saloon cars; suited for moving in urban centres, to 4X4 off-road land cruisers and minibuses as well as luxury cars of your fancy.

Our team will work hand in hand with you and assist you with your vehicle hire decision, based on your needs. Using their knowledge and experience of destinations all around East Africa, you will get accurate information on the landscape of your destination(s) and which car would best fulfil your desire.

With our experienced driver guides, your way of experiencing East Africa will be very rich and personal. Whatever your exact needs are, our car hire department will work to meet them – and beat your expectations.

Check out our fleet of vehicles to know which one will suit your desire in the best way. We are always eager to help you with accurate information to guide your decision, and you can contact us via the website at any time.

1. Safari Land Cruisers

4 and 7 seaters customised Safari Land cruisers. Our Off-road Safari Landcruisers are very popular for wildlife adventures in any part of Uganda or Rwanda.

With customizations to make them better suited for Safaris, they make your discovery experience a rich and yet comfortable one. Equipped with an onboard fridge or cooler box for drinks and free Wi-Fi, you can travel and wander into the wild, without leaving your connections behind.

The Safari-centric customizations allow for wonderful viewing and great photographic opportunities.

2. Executive Coaster Bus

Our coater buses are predominantly used for organized group travels of 15 or more people.  The coater buses can seat up to 32 people very comfortably.

With an onboard refrigerator or cooler box for drinks, free wifi and great leg room; they allow for merrier trips.
All buses have air conditioning and are properly fitted with seat belts for safety.

3. Safari Minibuses

The 9-seater 4 wheel drive minibuses are also customized for Safari purposes. With a cooler box for drinks, Wifi and charging ports and a pop-up roof, they make for perfect touring and adventure.

The pop-up roof will give you perfect 360-degree views of your surrounding, and even more-than-wonderful opportunities for photography.

4. V.I.P / Luxury Cars (4 seaters or more).

Exclusive African Safaris can equip you with high-range VIP transportation that is better suited for the paved roads in and around Urban areas and Cities of Uganda / Rwanda.

The vehicles include SUVs like Toyota Landcruiser VX, Toyota Prados, Limousines, Mercedes Benz, BMW and other luxury brands. These vehicles are chauffeur driven by a highly trained and professional team who will take great care of you.


We own a fleet of vehicles, ranging from ordinary saloon cars, 4X4 land cruisers, minibusses to VIP state of art vehicles. Our safari vehicles are well customized for your African Wildlife and photographic safari experience.

Your needs determine which car is best for you. If you are having trouble with deciding about this, just talk to us and we’ll assist you through the whole process.

All our safari vehicles are customized for tourism with a pop-up roof, sliding windows, Dustproof, with enough legroom and sitting space, comfortable seats, 4 Wheel Drive, well maintained, and above all comprehensively insured. We do have Safari Land Cruisers, Safari minivans, and comfortable saloon cars for airport transfers and tow running services.

All our vehicles are kept in good conditions and compressively insured. Whether your vehicle needs are for Safari or otherwise, get in touch with us and we shall offer you the assistance you want.

After getting your car, your next move is to see, explore and enjoy everything Uganda has to offer.

Here is our extensive article on more than 35 things you can enjoy in Uganda. The article is well-formatted and makes for a very inspiring and easy read. You can also talk to us about any questions and we’ll help you enjoy your time in Uganda.

Get in touch with us for great car rental services. You can use the contact form or the other many ways of getting in touch with us.

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