The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre was initially opened in 1952 by a Colonial Government in Uganda as a reception centre for wild animals that were found injured and orphaned. Later on, in 1956, an animal orphanage was created and in 1962 it was turned into a National Zoo.

In 1994, it was fully regenerated into UWEC in a bid to revive the zoo and make it a full-fledged conservation area. It is located on the shoreline of Entebbe (just a 10-minute drive from the airport) and makes for quite a good start for a safari in Uganda.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center welcomes and rehabilitates all injured and orphaned animals. There is a comprehensive veterinary hospital for treating the animals as well as breeding them to reintroduce them back into the wild.

More to that, numerous projects are going on that contribute to scientific research and conservation, promotion of ecotourism, and constantly creating awareness for peaceful co-existence with all sorts of lifeforms.

Over the years, the number of animals that called UWEC home has increased. Here is a list of some of the animals found at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre in Entebbe.

  • Rhinoceros
  • Chimpanzees
  • Lions
  • Giraffes
  • Spotted Hyenas
  • Ostriches
  • Zebras
  • African Elephants
  • Leopards
  • Many bird species
  • Many Snake species

With a diverse ecosystem of Forest, Wetland and Savannah all these animals can live in a natural environment – albeit limited.

When you visit UWEC, there are several activities you can engage in to have fun as well as learn about the various forms of life in the zoo. Below are all those activities.


If you want to see the animals up close and personal, this tour is just what you need. Get a chance to observe the animal’s behaviour and learn more about their patterns.

You can take part in preparing the food for the animals, watch them while they get fed, participate in health checks and bring them back to their shelters. This will give you a feel of their everyday life and an appreciation of what the education centre is all about.


This is a more hands-on tour where you take part in feeding some of the animals. You have a chance to ride along with the UWEC keepers, have briefings, prepare the animal food and move from shelter to shelter feeding them and spending some quality time with them.

Get a chance to ask all sorts of questions you have and hang around with the animals. You get the chance to become one of the zookeepers for a day.


UWEC is using this platform as an awareness tool to the conservation of endangered species like the chimpanzee. Here, you get to get up close with small chimpanzees as they make rounds in the early morning excited about the day, you play around with them and completely interact as much as you want.

This experience is very different from tracking the chimpanzees in the deep jungles of Kibale National Park but all the same very rewarding. While you won’t directly play with the chimps in the wild, you get to do that here.

Supporting UWEC is supporting the conservation of this endangered species and a fulfilling way to spend your day.


For a full-on educative tour, the keeper’s guided tour will be your best choice. This will give you lots of insights into the different animal’s origin stories and how they have since developed and understand their behaviours more.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre has rescued 543 animals since its inception and currently has 253 animals in care. Through the School programs initiatives, UWEC provides guided tours of school children and imparting knowledge of animals in the centre, internship placements, workshops and seminars for teachers and self-guided tours for older individuals who might be doing research.

UWEC is a home for animals away from home. It is playing a bigger role in ensuring the sustainability of these animals through the breeding program of those animals that are yet to be extinct and using this platform to educate the public about animals and affect attitude change.


A visit to the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre is far from any ordinary visit to a zoo. It is not the same as being in a safari park and it is different from a conventional zoo atmosphere.

A visit to Entebbe Zoo is perfect for all kinds of people. Whether you are in Uganda for business and your schedule only allows less than 6 hours, or you are visiting for Safari. Either way, the experience will be fun and exciting. You get to touch some of the animals which are used to people – something you wouldn’t do in the jungle.

For a family safari, UWEC is very educative and informative for the curious minds of the children.

Given the location’s prime proximity to the airport, we can always add a visit to UWEC on your Safari – either at the beginning or at the end. Just talk to us and we’ll figure out all the details of making your travel to Uganda very exciting and full of rewarding experiences.

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