FLY-IN SAFARIS IN UGANDA: Discover Uganda with our fly-in Safaris, the country is endowed with numerous attractions (ranging from the National parks, Forest Reserves, Wildlife Reserves, and cultural and historical sites, to the laid-back sceneries in the countryside) but the drawback to exploring these places is the long driving distance between these places. This is why we introduce our visitors to the fly-in safaris. These trips make use of light aircraft (Caravan Aircrafts) for transferring visitors between attractions/safari destinations in the country thus saving them a lot of time between these places hence exploring/seeing more on their safaris.

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In addition to the efficiency and swiftness in getting from one safari destination/attraction in the country to the other, fly-in safaris reward travelers with unmatched aerial views of different landscapes that wouldn’t be explored during road trips such as Lakes, Rivers, Forests and mountain peaks.

During fly-in safaris in Uganda, you can expect jaw-dropping panoramic views as well as the benefit of a proper understanding of the countryside, jungles or wilderness that you visit. For instance, when the Park ranger mentions the forest, mountain,, or Lake that borders a particular protected Area or better still the extensiveness of the savannah plains, your aerial viewpoint will create the perfect picture of what is being talked about.

While there are numerous domestic airlines in the country, so far two (Aerolink and Bar Aviation) operate scheduled and chartered fly-in safaris from Entebbe International Airport to different airstrips within or near the 10 National Parks of Uganda. Interestingly, Aerolink with its sister airlines- AirKenya (Kenya) and Regional Air (in Tanzania) makes it possible to combine Uganda-Kenya or Uganda-Tanzania safaris.

Our fly-in safari packages usually include domestic/regional flights with Caravan aircraft from Entebbe International Airport (where you first land on getting into the country) across the magnificent landscape into the wilderness. These land on dirt airstrips in the middle of the wilderness hence another experience of adventure. On getting to the airstrips, visitors are met and greeted by our experienced drivers who then transfer to the booked accommodation for relation before continuing with other planned adventures on the itinerary.

Fly-in safaris are ideal for visitors who have a few days to experience Uganda’s endless wilderness. Replace the many hours of exhausting travel by car with short air transfers and save time during game drives, cultural experiences, or other activities. With the fly-in option, you won’t need 21 days to explore Uganda. You will have a picture of Uganda’s diversity in just 10 days thus cutting the trip in half.

Our top fly-in safari destinations in Uganda include:-

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

When you mention fly-in safaris in Uganda, the first place to think about is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home to the mountain gorillas found in south-western Uganda and this is popular for gorillas trekking safaris. Instead of the 8-9 hours’ drive from Entebbe/Kampala to this treasure trove, our visitors are provided the option of flying one hour and 10 minutes to Kisoro or one hour 45 minutes to Kihihi airstrip with amazing views from the sky. Here, travelers will have more time to trek even two gorilla families and interact with the local community in the shortest time possible. BV

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Fly-in to Queen Elizabeth National Park for the best wildlife safaris in Uganda, travelers fly from Entebbe to Mweya or Kasese airstrips while enjoying aerial views of the savannah plains and the flight takes about one hour and 55 minutes. Things to do here include game drives, lion tracking, boat cruises, nature walks, chimpanzee trekking, and cultural tours.

Murchison falls National Park

The diversity of ecosystems in Murchison falls National Park makes it one of our top choices for fly-in safaris in Uganda. Take in views of the scenery from the air while passing the Albertine escarpment and savannah plains among others.

Fly-in safaris are also possible for visitors to Kibale Forest National Park (landing at Kasese airstrip), here, you will have an opportunity to do chimpanzee tracking in Uganda. At Lake Mburo National Park (landing at Mbarara airstrip), Semuliki National Park (landing at Semuliki airstrip), and Kidepo valley National Park (landing at Kidepo airstrip).

However, the challenge with fly-in safaris is that they are a bit more costly compared to road transfers. For instance, you can pay $400 per person for a single flight, yet that same about would have catered for a road transfer (per vehicle) including fuel hence. Also, there is always limited cargo as well as cabin space when using fly-in safaris. We are proud to offer guests all our fly-in safari services to all national parks across the country for comfort, reliability, and convenience.

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