Solo travel Uganda: Travelling alone is probably the best way to enjoy visits to new places and exciting cultures. It allows you to fully manage your pace and follow your own rules since there won’t be any distractions from the schedules and distractions of others.

People from all over the world take to Solo travel as their favourite way of enjoying Uganda’s beauty and diversity. At Exclusive African Safaris, we want every visitor who comes to Ugandavwith us to experience the very best there is – on their own terms. This is sometimes hard to guarantee because small group and family tours have to take care of everyone’s interests.

Solo travel does sort out that little ‘unknown’ since everything is totally based on the travellers’ choices and interests and therefore all the experiences are like none other.

If you are a solo traveller that has always wanted to come and explore Uganda’s beautiful attractions and culture, this is for you. With a great selection of wildlife, culture and special attractions Uganda will meet all your interests and surprise you even further.

We know the adventurous spirit of solo travel and the need to have the best and most authentic of experiences. To have the best possible experiences, it doesn’t have to drain your bank account. This is why we have made this article to give you some insight into the things you could do to save some money (which could be used towards an even more rewarding safari experience).

Whether you are travelling with a tour operator (hopefully you choose us ) or doing everything on your own, these tips can help save you some money and bring your travelling budget down – or even extend your schedule by some time. Whatever the case, we love the result and hope that you will love it too.

The assumption here is that you do intend to travel alone and would not prefer to join another group of travellers. If joining another group is okay with you, then this supplementary article will show you the 10 tips and tricks to help you save money off a Ugandan Safari.

These solo travel tips are applicable to all Uganda Safari destinations – and to both male and female solo travellers of all age groups.


Accommodation is a big part of the budget for an African Safari. Luckily enough, it is also the most diverse and the costs can be slashed in a major way.

The easiest way to start is by steering clear of luxury accommodation. This means you will not be able to access some of the advantages that come with luxury accommodation.

However, bad accommodation can drastically ruin your whole trip, we advise you to ask our consultants to get you the most budget-friendly hotel/lodge. Something we would use ourselves.


Another cost to travel is moving from place to place (obviously). By getting clear information about where you are going, you will mostly find out that you don’t need the biggest and toughest of cars. This will save you money on how much you actually pay. The fuel economy of a car counts into how much your transport costs.

The considerations should be the terrain you are going to encounter, and how much space you really need. You might not need a big tough car to move around the city.

A Tour package such as this 3-day gorilla trekking safari saves on transport by arriving in Rwanda and then driving the short distance across the border to Bwindi in Uganda where gorilla trekking is cheaper by several hundred dollars.


If your diet can be flexible enough to allow exploration of local foods, at cheaper prices – you will be able to save some money. If you have dietary restrictions, then it is better to put those as a priority before trying to save.

Anyone can easily save on Meals by trying out the ‘less than fancier’ hotels and restaurants. Again, dietary restrictions should be considered before any money savings.

Here are some local Ugandan foods that are very fun and ‘Ugandan’ to try. You will get the food at lower prices, and enhance your experience even further.


It is very hard to save on these unless you can benefit from the low season discounts. But it can’t hurt to ask and see what happens.

Worst case scenario is you don’t get a discount, best case scenario is you might get a discount or extra special care. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

If you are interested in seeing gorillas, the low season discounts no longer apply for gorilla permits.


While they might seem like extra spending, at times it is necessary. Buying souvenirs such as artwork is a nice way for you to directly support those people and their families.

With that in mind, a little bit of bargaining for a lower price isn’t bad, as long as you keep it friendly and don’t cut into their pockets. Here is our extensive article that shares much more about souvenirs and where you can get them in Uganda.


How this saves you money is relative, but it adds to your adventure in the place you are in. In simple words, explore the neighbourhood.

If for example, you are already in Queen Elizabeth National Park, why not explore the Nearby Kasese Town as well? Or visit the tea plantations that are close by? Same story if you are in Bwindi for gorilla tracking, why not visit the Batwa community or take a nature walk.

This is determined by your interests – of course, but at times you have to go beyond what you know and create new experiences. That is growth, isn’t it?

By bundling up these activities, especially for a few hours of the same day, you experience more without spending any more on transport, accommodation or meals. Because you are already in the place.


Saving money on your international travel to Uganda might seem impossible but it can be done. By Carefully studying the available options for your time frame, you can find a fair amount of deals.

And as with anything, asking for a discount won’t get you in any trouble. Ask some of the airlines or booking agents and you will more likely get a deal.

Additionally, you can apply for Ugandan Visa online. This means you won’t have to visit an embassy or pay someone to handle the process. Just you, your documents and your computer.


Before you set off, make sure to park all the essential things that will be important for your safari’s duration. Packing lists usually have some everyday items that would be easier to carry (and save on buying again). With the various packing lists, we mention that you should your regular medication as advised by your doctor. Here are some two packing lists for gorilla trekking and Mount Rwenzori Climbing. Other such packing lists are on our blog, and we do include the information on the relevant safari itineraries.


Travelling solo allows for rich and personalized experiences that cannot be matched in any group setting. To make sure that your solo trip is planned and executed properly, we base it on your interests, budget, and schedule.

With more than a decade of working in Uganda Safaris, you can be sure that we have done it all. Whether it is the unbelievable gorilla trekking, the adrenaline rush of white water rafting or even wildlife safaris in all the national parks, we have done it and would love to take you there.

Whatever you solo travel ideas are, shoot us a quick email via the contact form and we shall hear them and help you however we can.

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