Sustainable Travel in Uganda. 6 Helpful Insights for your Uganda Safari

Sustainable travel in Uganda: In the current world situation where climate change is the biggest threat to modern civilization, your travel plans should be as sustainable as possible. And that is what we are going to talk about in this article.

We are going to look at how you can sustainable travel and enjoy a good time in Uganda. Our experience as a Ugandan tour operator and our passion for conservation is the drive behind this article. If we can share our two big passions and use them to save the planet, why not?

Insights For Sustainable Travel in Uganda

Here are some of the insights we know to make your travel very sustainable and enjoyable. Here is how you can address climate change even when you are out here having incredible adventures.

1. Respect the Wilderness.

Protected wild areas are some of the places that truly showcase nature in its most ideal state. Given that Uganda’s national parks hold so many animals, plants, birds and water bodies – it is very important that such ecosystems are not disturbed.

At times, this ideal natural state can be disrupted in many small ways without even being aware. Exceeding the speed limit, staying in the wilderness longer than stipulated, using flash photography and so many more. The various rules which are in place are intended – first and foremost for conservation reasons.

Activities such as gorilla tracking will allow you to see mountain gorillas in the wild for 1 hour. The amazing experience makes time pass in a quick flash and you will definitely want more. But for very many conservation reasons and concerns, 1 hour is ideal. Even in such times, you have to remind yourself of the right thing to do.

2. Beware of Wildlife Crime.

Wildlife crime definitely fits into the first point of respecting the wilderness. Wildlife crime is a very serious offense and you should stay away from it. Wildlife crime ranges from harming the wildlife to encouraging their harm.

According to the newly passed wildlife crime regulation in Uganda, the punishment can extend up to life in prison. This is because wildlife crime hurts the wildlife as well as the entire Ugandan population which benefits from the wildlife in many ways – majorly tourism.

Stay away from buying products of wildlife crime because that only encourages a bad vice. It hurts everyone else’s effort of conserving the natural environment and ecosystem.

3. Souvenirs.

Souvenirs are a way of taking an intimate part of Uganda with you. Souvenirs are an important part of the tourism industry and they help support local arts and crafts. Some of the people who sell souvenirs come from very low-income backgrounds and it is a way of supporting their livelihoods.

There is a bad kind of souvenirs. The items that are related to wildlife crime. Avoid the temptation for these and when in doubt, talk to your guide and ask for their assistance.

Here is our article that can guide you in all matters concerning souvenirs in Uganda and places where you can buy them.

4. Group Travel.

It isn’t always possible to travel with a group of family of friends. For those can actually manage to travel with someone else, then here is how traveling in a small group can be sustainable.

The major advantage of group travel is that you get to use comparatively less fuel for cars. A car carrying 2 people will consume the same amount of fuel as one that is carrying 5 people. This will definitely save you some money, but it will reduce the carbon footprint per person.

What about those who are traveling on their own? Well, you can ask to be matched with a group, or use some of these tips to save some money on your Uganda Safari.

5. Re-using Items.

A major part of conservation is reusing items. This is because it reduces how much waste is produced. A Ugandan Safari is another great way to keep taking small everyday steps towards conservation.

Before taking your trip, you should carefully study our suggested packing lists for the items you might need on your Safari. For example, if you already have some long-sleeved shirts, why would you leave them home. Here is an example gorilla tracking packing list that we recommend to all our guests intending to see the gorilla in the wild.

Simple items like a water bottle are a nice way of reusing daily items and keeping the dumpsters empty.

6. Using A Trusted Tour Operator.

As with any country, there will be some service providers who don’t take their responsibility seriously. Apart from scamming you, bad tour operators offer experiences that are less than promised. If you do not get value for your time, money and many hours of planning that is unfair.

As far as making sure that your travel is sustainable, scenarios such as wildlife crime might occur because you are not getting advised properly. A trusted tour operator will have experienced tour guides who know so much and will help you to make the right decision. Passionate guides that care and understand greatly the need for conservation.


Sustainable travel in Uganda is so appealing because it is good. Because it is the right thing to do.

Uganda’s tourism industry has grown and continues to grow because of the good conservation measure which has been put in place. The most impactful of such measure is sharing tourism revenue with the communities which are neighboring the protected areas.

This has involved everyone and provided a stable foundation from which other conservation work – such as research and monitoring – have been kicked off. Our article on why gorillas are endangered goes deeper into who such approaches work. You can check it out.

At Exclusive African Safaris, we actively contribute by providing exceptional safari experiences to our guests and contributing to the Uganda Conservation Foundation.

An additional for us to contribute toward conservation is by addressing what can be done to push the needle. That is the reason for this article. You can do the same by talking about conservation with your people.

Sharing this article to your social media community will help our message reach more people. We ask you to take a second and help us spread a good message.

Thank you for taking the time to read – and for sharing. Feel free to talk to us with any questions.

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