Apps For Travellers In Uganda. Best Options for getting About In Kampala

Apps for travelers in Uganda: Technology makes life easier. We are able to do much more with our phones than we thought possible some years ago. We feel better when our phones are on, and that is because of the world they open up for us via the many applications.

In the context of travelling, your phone is even more important. I can work as a camera for the selfies, as well as your communication centre with emails, video chats and even document storage. A great piece of technology with unlimited use.

As you come to Uganda, you might have to adapt to some local apps for your phone – so that you can enjoy the Pearl of Africa without any hassle. With all the information, services and more at your fingertips.

For the visitor, the apps you might need can depend on how long you are spending here and which places you are staying in. We have put together a small list of useful apps that you should use especially if you are in the Areas in and around Kampala where there are many services to get through the apps.

These apps can help you move around Kampala, Entebbe and Wakiso with ease, as well as help you order some services in the same surroundings.

In upcountry towns of Uganda, apps are not used as you might be used to. This list mainly focuses on Kampala. The Informational apps are of course viable for all the other areas.

1. Safeboda

This is the king of e-hailing in Uganda. Since its first days in 2015, SafeBoda has grown to become a household name and boasts more than 16,000 boda-boda riders.

It is credited for its convenience, professionalism and safety. Riders are provided with helmets and affordable prices compared to the usual ‘on the spot-hail’ boda-boda. With new features like cashless payment, package delivery and ordering food – SafeBoda keeps innovating and growing to new heights.

2. Uber

Introduced in mid-2016, Uber has steadily grown with impressive feedback on the overall service. Following the same international standards, Uber in Uganda can help you to traverse the various parts of Kampala and the neighbouring areas.

Uber Uganda’s other option is Uberboda which utilises the boda-boda motorcycles to move you from point A to point B on a boda-boda. This is best in cases where all you are carrying is simple luggage (like a backpack).

Best scenario: Uber (the cars) can be great for moving to or from the airport while Uber Boda is great if you want to move through Kampala very fast without getting stuck in a traffic jam. These are great options if you are visiting Uganda and not using the services of a tour operator.

Given Uber’s popularity, you might already have the app. In case you don’t, the app is available on Android and iOS.

3. Bolt

Formerly known as Taxify, it globally rebranded to Bolt in early 2019. As a competitor to Uber, Bolt has gracefully been gaining influence and the hearts of Ugandans with her slightly cheaper fares. Drivers follow strict standards and etiquette to ensure smooth rides for all users.

Like Uber, Bolt has both car and boda-boda hailing options. The best scenario is as with Uber above. The Bolt Boda option is however quite more popular than UberBoda. In cases where your UberBoda seems to be far away, it is always a good option to try the competitor app.

4. Jumia Food

The apps mentioned above are great for moving around and going to restaurants too. Somedays, it just feels good to stay indoors and have someone bring you amazing food that is ready to eat.

Jumia Food is a food delivery app that has become quite a favourite stay-in complementary option. The app provides a range of restaurants to choose from highlighting the ones closest to you and indicating the ETA. The app is very user-friendly and helps navigate to your preference.

You can pay cash on delivery or Mtn mobile money/Airtel mobile money. More on this later.

Their most recent addition, Jumia Party delivers party essentials like wines and spirits to your door. Very convenient when you don’t want your ongoing party to stop.

5. Uber Eats

On top of transport, Uber launched Uber Eats in Uganda in 2019. Partnering with a series of local food service providers and Uber drivers doing prompt on-time customer delivery.

Having the Uber Boda already operational only made this easier to roll out in Kampala.

6. The Pearl Guide

The pearl guide app lists anything you might need on your trip from the tourist attractions, restaurants, accommodations and major events worth checking out.

There are options for ticket purchases to events and countless listings of upcoming trips that could be of interest to you. The app has detailed descriptions of the best accommodations that should help in your decision-making. This is a one-stop app for leisure and touring in Uganda.

Best Scenario. This can be best used for people who want to self-tour and are looking for the nearest places of interest to them.

7. Tripadvisor

A lot can be found on this app, but mostly the recommendations will help you single out the preferred options for your trip.

Being in Uganda, you might need to narrow down your options of where to eat and where to get resources. This is the best place to get objective reviews (by other travellers) that will make your stay easygoing and above all, fully satisfying.

Talking about Trip Advisor, you can check out our very own listing and reviews for Exclusive African Safaris here.

8. Uganda Travel Guide By Triposo

This highlights the tours and estimated pricing, National Parks you can visit, where to stay or eat while there as well as what fun activities to fill your day with. It is a detailed app that breaks down pointers from food and drinks, regions, Culture, Shopping, safety, nature and wildlife and what to expect while on a certain trip.

For a better understanding of the places you’ll visit, this app will be a close guide.

9. MTN And Airtel Apps

For visitors who are staying in Uganda for a short period, it might not be necessary for you to get a local sim card and number.

However, if you are staying for an extended time where you would rather have a personal phone number, these Apps are very helpful. Whichever of the two networks you choose, you will have a great internet connection in any part of Uganda.

The apps help you in making transactions such as buying airtime, buying data bundles and at times using mobile money services.

All these things can be done without using the apps, but it is tiresome learning and cramming all the various USSD text codes to do various things.

10. Other Apps

We must also add that your other apps continue to be important. Whether it is the obvious music app or your meditation app.

As long as you have the internet (which is so easy), all your apps will still be useful for you. Using Wifi will probably be best when you don’t have a local number. Your Skype and FaceTime will work okay and you will keep in touch with your loved ones just fine.


As you can probably tell, these apps don’t fully exhaust all the apps Ugandans utilize every day. These are the ones we think can be specifically helpful for someone visiting Uganda.

For someone who is doing all the travelling on their own, these apps are great for ensuring your safety and great services. If you are travelling with a tour operator (us) you will have your driver guide helping you out in most of the situations where you need these apps. Your guide probably already uses these apps and will help you.

With all the food delivery apps mentioned, here are some Ugandan foods you should give a try when you come to visit. Of course, consider your dietary restrictions first and foremost.

There are many aspects to travelling to Uganda. Check out other articles on our blog for helpful insights and ideas. You can also take a look through some of our itineraries to inspire you about what kind of Uganda safari you should take. Here are the Uganda Safari tours you can start with.

You could also just talk to us and get all your questions answered via email by sending us a message through the contact form

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