Best time to visit Rwanda

The Dry Season (from June to September) is considered the best time for a Rwanda Safari. This is also an ideal time to observe the mountain gorillas of Rwanda. This season offers the best conditions for trekking and there’s less risk of malaria.

You can go gorilla trekking outside of this optimal season. But, it will be more difficult because of the rainfall. In the wet season, the landscapes are vibrant and the skies are clear from the haze.

The Peak Season (The High or Dry Season) – The perfect time for a Rwanda Trip!

In March, April, October, and November. You will get to take advantage of low-season discounts and see the calving season that happens in Akagera National Park. Though the trekking trails can be challenging

The Best Weather Conditions, June to August is the period when there’s the least amount of rain in Rwanda – We recommend you visit in these months!

In April, the rains continue. Hiking around the Virunga Mountain range will be challenging this month.

The rains begin to ease down in the middle of May. This is a great month to visit Rwanda – if you’re in the mood for birdwatching! Also, you can benefit from slashed prices for permits and accommodations.

Visiting Rwanda from June to September – Here it comes – the perfect time to visit Rwanda!

The light cloud cover in these months makes for a great trekking experience. A major highlight in June is the Kwita Izina Ceremony. This is the time when baby gorillas are named.

Travelling to Rwanda between October and December – Some bursts of showers, clear blue skies, and reduced prices!

This period is known as the short rainy season. Occasional showers are common but the landscapes are at their most marvellous – on the backdrop of lucid blue skies. You can also benefit from reduced rates on trekking permits.

Monthly Breakdown for travelling to Rwanda

Below, we’ll go through every month for travelling to Rwanda. So, without any delay, let’s get straight into it:

Travelling to Rwanda in January and February – Bask in the gorgeous sceneries of Rwanda!

January and February are popular among visitors for a tour of Rwanda. You’ll get to take in the lush and vibrant surroundings of the area. But, book your accommodations and gorilla trekking permits in advance because there’s high demand.

The pleasant climate and sunshine in these months make for unbelievable forest trekking adventures!

Visiting Rwanda from March to May – Rain, rain go away; you’ll wish this but also get to see some fantastic birdwatching!

March marks the start of the wet season. And showers continue until mid-May. Yet, you can still take part in treks – in search of primates. Make sure you have all the required rain gear if you plan on visiting Rwanda this month.

Finally, Safaris in Rwanda are great no matter which time you visit. If you can handle a bit of rain and some muddy tracks – you’re set for a wonderful Rwanda Safari Tour experience.


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