Top honeymoon spots in Uganda: As a top Safari destination in Africa, Uganda receives many visitors. Millions of people come to Uganda each year for safari activities such as gorilla tracking, wildlife game drives and so much more.

Many of these visitors are couples, some of whom are taking a honeymoon safari. Having unforgettable experiences is a perfect way to enjoy a honeymoon that will always shine bright in your mind.

With that in mind, here are the top places we believe will offer you exceptional experiences on your honeymoon.



Nothing beats honeymoon on an island, well unless there are a couple of islands. Ssese is the perfect ultimate ‘love-rekindling’ destination in Uganda. With 84 islands, the Ssese is a good distance away from the madding crowd and is blanketed by its own serene environment and fresh breeze from the open lake Victoria.

While in the Ssese Islands, you can step into fun activities like guided forest walks, hiking, quad biking, and cycling around the community. Ssese has many hotels that provide perfect accommodation, spa and other services.



Jinja is located only 55 kilometres from Uganda’s Capital city – Kampala. Well regarded as the adventure capital of Eastern Africa, Jinja is a fun place to be for fun, adventure and relaxation.

You can spend some time partaking in any of the popular activities like kayaking, whitewater rafting, horse riding, quad biking or fishing. After an active day, you can enjoy a candlelit dinner overwatching the waters of the Nile and the breathtaking evening sunset.

Jinja has many great hotels that provide all sorts of luxurious comforts such as a spa. I many of the luxury suites, you will have great views of the Lake Victoria, River Nile and the Falls on the river.


Tucked away from every other park, Kidepo is located in northeastern Uganda. Being the most isolated of all Uganda’s national parks makes it even more special. CNN described it as one of the best African Wilderness parks because of how unspoilt it is.

In Kidepo you will be able to enjoy community visits with the Karamojong to learn about their culture. You will also be able to see animals such as cheetah, lions, giraffes, zebras, elephants, kudu and so much more.

While in Kidepo, you will enjoy great luxurious accommodation at lodges such as Apoka Safari Lodge which offers great all-round views of the savannah. Waking up to catch the Kidepo sunrise as it washes over the valley below will wash yours with a different kind of energy.



Murchison Falls National Park is well known for the powerful falls where the entire River Nile squeezes through a gap that is just 7 metres wide. It was also the scene for the Classic film African Queen – featuring Katherine Hepburn.

As the biggest game park, Murchison Falls offers so many options for your pleasure. For a honeymoon, seeing the entirety of the savannah is much enjoyable in an air balloon. You will feel like you are on top of the world, and you will be.

There are many hotels and lodges that are located right on the banks of the Nile with great views whichever way you turn. Most of these hotels have great spas and swimming pools for your relaxation.



Western Uganda is a gem for people who love adventure and nature. One of such places is Kibale Forest National park. Kibale is well known as the place where you get to see so many chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Apart from Chimpanzees, you can also see 12 more primate species, do some bird watching and visit the surrounding explosion craters. The area around Forpoartal is dotted with over 50 volcanic craters and each crater lake has some fantastic history behind it (that has nothing to do with the actual forces of geography).

Lodges like Kyaninga Lodge provide luxurious accommodation that will help you to relax and reenergize.



Queen Elizabeth still remains Uganda’s most popular national game park. This is because of the options it provides to its visitors. Whether it is seeing hundred of hippos in Kazinga Channel or the incredible climbing lions of Ishasha, Queen Elizabeth serves and serves well.

Hotels Such as Mweya Safari Lodge provide you with the accommodation to make your honeymoon feel special. With views of the towering Rwenzori and the serene savannah, you will be able to relax as well as enjoy yourself out in nature.



Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is very well known for gorilla tracking. Getting to see gorillas in the thick rain forest they call home is surely an experience no one can forget. Honeymoon or not, Bwindi is a great place to relax and enjoy the mystery that is mother nature.

For a honeymoon, you not only have gorilla tracking on your list of activities to indulge. You can also visit the local communities, take a nature walk or even go for the incredible Batwa Cultural experience.

The growth of gorilla tracking has led to a quick improvement in the accommodation facilities in Bwindi. Top Lodges like Silver Back Lodge and Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Lodge provide the best way to relax and enjoy panoramic views of Bwindi.



Dotted with more than 25 small islands, Lake Bunyonyi has long been regarded as a perfect place to relax. Located in the Kigezi highlands with a much cooler climate, which is why Kigezi is commonly dubbed the Switzerland of Africa. Because of the hilly landscape, and the cool climate.

Bunyonyi is a perfect addition to your gorilla tracking holiday since it is close to both Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks. You can also engage in other activities like community visits, island exploration, ziplining and so much more. Here are all the fun things you can do in Bunyonyi

Bunyonyi has many Luxury hotels and lodges with excellent spa services to enhance your honeymoon experience.


Lake Mburo is the nearest National Park to reach from Kampala. Located Squarely along the Kampala Mbarara Highway, it is one of the easiest places to reach.

Besides being the smallest park, Lake Mburo has a rich ecosystem of wild animals and birds that span its various vegetation zones. You will be able to see many animals such as Zebras, Eland, Uganda kob, buffalo, and hippos among others.

Other great activities include horseback riding in the park and riding mountain bikes in the park to see the various herds of grazing wild animals.

While in Lake Mburo, you will enjoy luxurious accommodation from lodges such as Mihingo lodge.

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