Honeymoon Safari On a Budget. 9 Money Saving Insights

As long as you are thinking about a honeymoon safari, the best guess is you want to experience something special. The problem is that few people start the journey of marriage with enough money to go on the most luxurious African honeymoon safari.

A lot of people still travel to Africa for special experiences and an incredible number do this while sticking to their original budget. This means that is it possible for you and anyone else to enjoy that special African honeymoon safari experience – which will give you unforgettable memories.

Honeymoon Safari

Here are a few ways you can have a magical honeymoon on a budget. These have made it possible for our clients to enjoy their honeymoon in Uganda and Rwanda – and we trust they can make your own exceptional as well.

Honeymoon Safari on a budget

1. Set & Stick to a budget

This is not something most people think about and yet it is the key element. Money is necessary if you are to take a honeymoon safari trip.

The best thing to do is to discuss what kind of honeymoon you both wish to have. It is adventurous and outdoorsy or mostly quiet and intimate? Is it on the water or forest? This will help to narrow down how much you need to spend and ultimately how to come up with the estimated amount.

In this budget make sure to include all and everything, lodging, transport, food, the little spoils, how much you will be spending daily and any other miscellaneous items.

Setting the budget early will help you to figure out a way of optimizing your trip and priorities. Things like your international flights, Visa, souvenirs and other things beyond an itinerary might be separate of your overall tour quote from the tour operator. And make sure you have the best information.

chobe bush dinner in murchison

2. Travel during shoulder seasons

There is something to be said about having the whole place to yourselves!

Peak tourist seasons are fun for travel and meeting fellow travelers but the low traffic of the off-peak season might add charm to your honeymoon.

Low tourism season presents a greater chance of getting discounts on activities like accommodation, transport and other services – which in turn helps you to do your honeymoon safari within budget.

Uganda climate allows for a consistent flow of visitors throughout the year and therefore the low seasons no longer bring big discounts as they used to – but the charm of little crowds is still worth it.

In the low seasons of February to April when tourists are quite a few, a honeymoon sure would feel good and private both in the game parks and lodging areas. You get much more value.

Our team of safari consultants can advise on a specific low season for the various activities such that your timing is matched perfectly.

3. Make it short

Instead of spending 2 weeks on this trip, spend 3 to 5 days for the honeymoon. Spending too much time on a honeymoon trip is not practical in terms of money and schedules.

While an all-inclusive luxury honeymoon safari of several days sounds enticing, stick to your budget and instead go for shorter trips. Of all the things you would want to see and do on a long safari, choose the few that can’t wait and start with those.

Staying within your budget is good because you will need money for other big decisions and moments of your new married life.

4. Look For Honeymoon Packages.

This is a honeymoon and should be treated as such and not any other normal vacation. Most lodges offer a honeymoon fruit basket or wine and snacks as a special welcome treat.

Different lodges offer various honeymoon treatments. Depending on what is offered, you might be able to save some money and stay within your budget while getting more.

Honeymoon packages aren’t always guaranteed to be cheaper because of the general assumption of untamed spending. If the package doesn’t save you money or offers an experience you don’t care for, then remember that getting the best experience is the best way you can get great value for your money.

At Exclusive African Safaris, our approach is to fully understand your wishes and create for you a custom honeymoon itinerary that matches your interests, budget, and schedule.

5. Choose Local Operators

This is to cut the cost that goes to the third-party middleman. When you use a local tour operator, you talk with the people who are right on the ground and are giving you first-hand information. This is important because all the personal preferences for your safari are taken care of.

Choosing a local safari tour operator isn’t so easy, but searching online should give you some options. You can also ask your friends and other people in your circles for recommendations.

We think you should choose us and tap into our experience of running safaris in Uganda and Rwanda for more than 15 years. Our expertise, network and local knowledge will deliver on a honeymoon that is just perfect for you.

6. Try Mid-range Accommodation

For a honeymoon, the obvious choice might seem like going for the 5-star Marriott Hotel or any other multinational hotel chain. These bigger hotels do provide services at a higher cost and this isn’t great when you are trying to stick to a budget.

The goal is to find accommodation that is slightly below luxury and within your budget. The options are there and the slight compromise on thread count and finer wines is worth the big savings.

mweya room with view

In the National parks, you might even opt for safari tents or bush camping where applicable. All these come with various options and our Safari agent provides specific information that is related to every itinerary. Additionally, Bush camping could be yet another extra experience to add to your entire honeymoon experience.

In Uganda, you can enjoy camping in areas such as Lake Mburo National Park, Jinja, Mweya Peninsular in Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Nile Delta in Murchison Falls National Park and the Ssesse Islands in Lake Victoria.

7. Consult A Travel Agent

Professional advice is always helpful. A travel agent knows the ins and outs of the best destinations, deals, lowest offers, romantic places and all sorts of questions you might have.

The agent will also help save you time doing all the research, the time you probably need to concentrate on other more pressing needs. In doing that, choosing the right tour operator is crucial – because you wouldn’t want to pay for a bad honeymoon experience.

EAS in Murchison Falls

As tour operators ourselves, we would be thrilled if you chose us – and we will work to assist you, and make your wishes come true.

8. Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

As with anyone on Safari, you will need to carry some extra safari cash that is not part of your trip cost. While this is necessary for things like a drink in the evening, tips or some souvenirs, you must remember that you have a set budget.

Read this article about extra cash on safari to gauge how much you will factor into your overall budget.

Another great expenditure can come from the things you pack for safari. Following the packing list for your trip means you might not need to spend on new items such as shoes, clothing, sunscreen, hats and more.

The packing list is always provided with your itinerary and you can always ask to get more clarification.

9. Set Realistic Goals

Be true to yourself. Set your priorities right for what exactly you want from this trip about how much you can spend on it.

As tour operators, our job is helping you get great experiences. But a great experience for one person is not the same for other people. This is why knowing what you would want to experience is a better option because that way you have your very own great experience.

The same applies to your budget. Know what you can realistically spend and try to stay within those boundaries. We’ll help you stay with in such bounds as communicated to us.


The whole goal of this article is to demonstrate that you do not have to spend an arm and leg for your honeymoon safari. As long as you have an idea of your budget and you are willing to stick to it, you can easily come to Uganda and enjoy a honeymoon safari that is right and perfect for YOU.

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You can request a custom itinerary based on your budget and interests by filling out this safari inquiry form. The custom itinerary is planned free of charge.

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