Rwanda Safari Tipping

An often overlooked aspect of Safaris in Rwanda is tipping. Most travellers do ask this question a lot but are unaware of the overall logistics of the process. However, you won’t have to worry about this matter. Below we’ll go through whom you should tip and how much you should tip on a Rwanda Safari.

Should You Tip?

You should first know that it’s not mandatory to tip in Rwanda. And it’s completely left to your discretion if you want to leave a tip. However, if you feel that the quality of the service has been satisfactory, you can tip the service providers.

“Gratuities go a long way in uplifting an individual. And ideal or flawless service deserves to be appreciated!”

When to tip

This is a straightforward question. So the answer is either tip at the end of a safari activity, at the end of each day of your safari, or the end of your overall stay.

Best way to tip

The majority of the Rwanda Accommodations have a main tip box in the reception lounge. The amount is then shared amongst the staff equally. The most practical way to tip is by using cash. We recommend using Rwandan francs or UD dollars and bringing a few envelopes to put the tips in.

Who to tip

There are several people along the service chain of a safari. And, the individuals with whom you interact the most and those who put in the effort in service deserve a tip. Some of the people you should consider tipping on Safaris in Rwanda include drivers, guides, porters, and the wait staff.

Safari and Trekking Guides – The guides will be the main factor for a successful and fulfilling Rwanda Safari. The safari and trekking guides are tipped separately from the rest of the team.

Porters and Rangers – While on a Safari in Rwanda, you’ll be accompanied by a few rangers. They’ll mainly track the movements of the primate groups on your trek. You can also hire porters for your trek. We’d recommend tipping both rangers and porters separately and tipping the trackers as a group.

The Waitstaff – Several people are working behind the scenes to ensure your safari goes smoothly. They include the housekeeping/Waitstaff and Maintenance staff. Most establishments (restaurants and accommodations) have a tip box.

How much to tip

This depends entirely on you! You can tip however much you want or can afford – depending on how you’re satisfied with the provided service.

The following is a guide for how much you should the personnel while on a Safari in Rwanda:

Personnel/Staff Tipping Cost (per traveler), in USD
Safari/Trekking Guides $10 – $20
Waitstaff and Maintenance staff $5
Safari Drivers $10 – $15
Trackers, Rangers, and Porters $5

Lastly, though tipping can be a complicated thing, it’s a normal part of the service and tourism industry. The main thing is – you shouldn’t feel obliged to tip while on Safaris in Rwanda, but it’ll be greatly appreciated. Especially, if the provided service has been beyond your expectations.

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