Gorilla Tracking Honeymoon. 7 Reasons to spend your honeymoon with gorillas

A gorilla tracking honeymoon safari is probably the most exciting African safari for an active couple – looking to mark new beginnings with a special activity – equally beyond description.

Gorilla tracking is at the top of most people who think about traveling to Africa for a holiday. This is because of many reasons, top of which is the critically endangered nature of these species, and our close evolutionary relationship to gorillas.

The magical feeling of spending time deep in the jungle and seeing mountain gorillas is undeniable. Seeing gorillas for a honeymoon safari is going to be an unforgettable experience. A great experience for the new couple to kick off their journey with memories that will also last forever.

Uganda Gorilla trekking Expedition

Why choose a gorilla tracking honeymoon

Here is why you should see gorillas on your honeymoon safari.

1. Beautiful Natural World

Mountain gorillas live in the most ecologically diverse places. Gorillas live in 4 neighboring national parks in Uganda, Rwanda and D.R.Congo – with 2 of the parks in Uganda.

CNN Travel rated Bwindi Impenetrable National Park as number 1 on the list of 25 most beautiful places around the world. In this article, Bwindi was described as ‘otherworldly’.

Besides gorillas, these national parks consist of natural rain forests that are thousands of years old. This provides a great home for hundreds of butterflies, birds and several other primates.

volcanoes np

For people who are lovers of nature, Bwindi, Mgahinga, Virunga and Volcanoes National Parks, provide a great way to relax right in the middle of nature.

Being in Bwindi, for example, is in itself a wonderful experience. Even the air you breathe in feels richer and full of life.

2. Gorilla Tracking Experience

Most people will refer to their gorilla tracking experience as wonderful, unforgettable and other such powerful compliments. Very few people get to see the gorillas in the wild as much as they would want, but even fewer get to share their first gorilla experience with someone so close to their heart. This is why it is not just a good idea, but a great one at that.

gorilla baby

Great experiences like these should be shared with special people, such that the memory is shared for years and years to come.

For gorilla tracking, you will hike through the dense rain forest to find the gorillas, and then spend up to 1 hour with them before returning. The hike is breathtaking in more ways than one.

3. Habituating Gorillas

A chance to spend more time with the habituated gorillas. These are gorillas that have been trained for 2 to 3 years to be accustomed to the site of human beings.

For gorilla habituation, you get to spend more time with the gentle beasts – up to 4 hours. This exercise allows you to understand them more, to know their behaviors, family groups and the process they went through to be habituated.

While tracking habituated gorillas (that are already used to seeing people) is great, being among the people who help these mountain gorillas get used to human interaction is even more rewarding.

4. Many Birds With One Stone

Gorilla tracking allows you to ‘kill many birds with one stone’. As you venture into the thick forest for gorillas, you will see many other monkey species, small mammals, elephants and a variety of rare birds.

In Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, you can top gorilla trekking off with activities such as the Dian Fossey Hike, seeing golden monkeys as well as climbing the volcanoes of Karisimbi and Bisoke etc.

virunga volcanoes

Similarly in Bwindi, you can supplement gorilla tracking with a visit to the local Batwa communities of former hunter-gatherers, bird watching, hiking and nature walks via some interesting trails.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is especially great if bird watching is something you would enjoy – because it has an incredible number of species that aren’t found anywhere else.

5. A Quiet Getaway

If your priority is to have an intimate quiet and private honeymoon getaway, gorilla tracking in Volcanoes National Park or Bwindi National Park should make it top of the list.

These parks are less crowded compared to their counterparts that are home to more mammals which guarantees that honeymoon feel that you need for those special moments.

6. Luxury Accommodation

While gorilla tracking in the rain forest, you do not have to worry about your living conditions being similar to your surroundings. There are lodges within and on the edges of the parks that are perfect for your honeymoon needs.

In Uganda, places like Sanctuary Gorilla Lodge and Silverback Lodge have amazing views of the forest, self-contained luxury cottages with WiFi, stocked bars and five-star local and international cuisine restaurants. Some lodges even have a spa – which is an added advantage when you need it.

In Rwanda, the Bisate Lodge is a perfect honeymoon getaway adjacent to the Volcanoes National Park.

evening sunset in murchison

7. Short & Sweet

A gorilla-tracking honeymoon can be made short and sweet – which might be what you need as far as your schedule allows you.

While you get to spend 1 hour with the gorillas, the other time you spend in the park is also as exciting and interesting. This continues with our point about ‘two birds with one stone’ from above. With the entire tracking process likely to take you the entire morning, your afternoon can be spent relaxing, engaging in other activities or traveling back to the airport.

This is why our gorilla tracking safaris in the short safari category are highly popular. Because they cater to the tight schedules. Here are some of our gorilla tracking safaris that take no more than 5 days in total.

So you see, the options are there and you get to choose how you want to enjoy your honeymoon.


Combining gorilla tracking and your honeymoon is combining two of the most special experiences of your life. You will not be forgetting any part of your honeymoon and your special memories will stay with you.

For us, the only experience that could top a gorilla trekking honeymoon is maybe returning to see gorillas again on your anniversary – with the children when they have grown up enough to track. That experience might just be too much to describe.

We would be excited to plan for a gorilla-tracking honeymoon in Uganda or Rwanda. Whatever stage of thinking about it you are on, feel free to talk to us about it and we’ll assist however we can.

Here are our other articles about honeymoon safaris as well as gorilla tracking – to get you excited so much more.

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