1 Day Kigali City Tour

This tour takes you through Kigali’s always changing neighborhood, the sparkling clean city center, the various historical site and so much more.
1 Day
This 1-day Kigali city tour takes you on an enlightening visit to the capital city of Rwanda. on this tour, you will be able to learn about Rwanda’s past, the present and what future the country looks forward to.
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This tour takes you through Kigali’s always changing neighborhood, the sparkling clean city center, the various historical site and so much more.

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This tour takes you through Kigali’s always-changing neighbourhood, the sparkling clean city centre, the various historical sites and so much more. On the top of the sites to see in Kigali is the Genocide Memorial, which documents the events of the 1994 killings associated with the tribal genocide. Such a grim past that Rwanda – as a whole, has moved away from to become one of the safest places in Africa.

A visit to the genocide memorial sites is a very emotional activity that will make you saddened by what happened. Honestly speaking, that is expected. No one walks out ‘high-fiving’ and laughing. The strength of the people of Rwanda to move away from that dark past of hate, to their present unity and peace is more than inspiring. Life-changing even.

This Kigali city tour is suitable for family or small groups as well as solo and business travellers. The activities of the city tour are easy and therefore very doable for seniors or young children.

This 1 day Kigali city tour can be taken on it own or it can be added as an extra day on another tour of other attractions


Destinations: Gisozi Genocide Memorial, Nyamata Church, Natarama Catholic Church, Inema Art Gallery


There is a lot to see in Kigali and you might choose to forego some of the places mentioned above, in favour of others. Here are some of the other places you can also visit on your Kigali City tour.

  • Kimiroko Market
  • Kigali Convention Centre
  • Presidential palace Museum
  • Hiking to the top of Mt. Kigali for bird-eye views of the city and countryside
  • Kandt House Museum
  • Campaign Against Genocide (CAG) Museum.

These extra options allow your Kigali city tour to be customised to your needs.

  • Day 1 - Morning:
  • Day 1 - Afternoon:
Day 1 - Morning:

Genocide Memorial & Nyamata Church

We shall start the tour with a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre. This is a highly emotional tour that portrays the terrifying events of Rwanda's recent history.

The Rwanda Genocide of 1994 lasted 100 days and took the lives of an estimated 800,000 people. Given that this was just recently in 1994, the events still touch the lives of the people on a directly personal level.

Visiting the Genocide memorial is the highlight of any visit to Kigali as it signifies so much not only to the people of Rwanda but to the whole world as well.

After visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial, we shall proceed to Nyamata Church. This is another heartbreaking site for learning about the genocide. At this church, like the several other genocide memorial sites, the stories are very grim and frightening.

The bodies of 50,000 people are buried here at Nyamata Church. Seeing the fate of the girl under the glass coffin just breaks whatever is left of your heart.

Day 1 - Afternoon:

Ntarama Catholic Church, Inema Art Gallery

In the Afternoon, you will pause the tour and have lunch at the agreed-upon hotel of choice.

After having lunch, we shall go on to visit another genocide memorial site, Ntarama Catholic Church where 5,000 people were killed. In the children's Sunday school section, you will see where the children were thrown/smashed against the walls. The bloodstained walls were preserved.

The stairs down lead to the remains of those killed in the genocide. Being there and learning about how everything happened is not an easy thing to stomach.

After the church, we shall visit the Inema art gallery where young artists express their skills and talents. This slowly winds down the rollercoaster of such an emotional day, without taking away the effect of the experience. Inema Art Gallery will be the last item of the day after which you will be driven back to your accommodation or next stop.

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1 Day Kigali City Tour

1 Day